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THE HISTORY OF AUTO KING MOBILE MECHANICS AUTO KING’S history is almost one of those ‘happened by accident’ stories It was July 2006. We bought a small second hand Citroen Berlingo van, had it sprayed black and added some eye catching green, black and silver signage. Our first mechanic was hired, and for the next six months AUTO KING served the Gold Coast doing ONLY mobile safety certificates. People seemed to like the convenience of having a mechanic go to them. Growth was rapid and two new mechanics and vans joined the fleet. All was going well until the day a customer complained. The complaint took us completely by surprise. Not so much the actual complaint, but the fact we hadn’t thought about it sooner. Here’s what happened next. One day, while getting a mobile safety certificate, a local builder complained that he was sick of the hassle of dropping his ute at a mechanic in the morning and then being without it all day. All his work tools were in the ute and it meant without them he lost a whole days work and wages. It was like a light came on! On the spot we offered to service his ute at the job site where he worked. We gave him a quote. He said yes. We got excited. And then we wondered what to do next. There was no way the small vans we were using could fit all the tools needed for servicing. On top of that, the current mechanics were flat out doing mobile safety certificates. It was bite the bullet time. With no van and no mechanic we booked the builder in for a service in two weeks time. The plan was that in the fourteen days before we had to do the service we would hire a mechanic and buy a nice big Toyota Hiace van to carry all the tools. Even though we felt sick with nerves about taking such a risk so early in the business, we figured there were only two possible outcomes. It would work or it would fail. With this comforting thought in our heads each night as we hit the pillow, we vowed to have a crack anyway. We did. It worked. And now with 15 vehicles on the road it appears that the accidental Gold Coast mobile car servicing business really has struck a chord with busy people who are short on time . We have always had an UPFRONT PRICING POLICY. You can get a quote over the phone and then ring around to check if it’s fair. If your car is overdue for a service phone us now on 5528 4133 and we’ll call back in 5 minutes with a free quote.

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