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What DOESN'T Lube Mobile do? People sometimes misunderstand Lube Mobile's business setup. We are: • Not ONLY a breakdown service; Lube Mobile is equipped to do all standard car servicing, non-urgent repairs and diagnostics. Your car doesn’t have to be immobile to call Lube Mobile! • Not a contracting firm. Each of our skilled mechanics is an employee, dedicated to Lube Mobile's strict quality standards and trained to provide impeccable customer service. • Not an automotive club - you do not have to pay yearly fees. You will only pay for the work you need. • Not necessarily more expensive than an ordinary workshop. Our service represents value for money; you can factor in aspects like time savings, convenience, eliminating towing fees for breakdowns, and the confidence that our nationwide warranty will cover any problems with repairs. All Car Servicing All Car Repairs On-site Service Breakdown Service Batteries Fixed price car servicing Fleet Servicing Mobile Service 12 months nationwide warranty

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