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This family owned and operated Brisbane vehicle service business provides high-quality car servicing and car repairs, including vehicle exhaust systems, for all makes and models of vehicles. You can't beat the quality of our workmanship, our old-fashioned customer service, the value we offer or our reliability. Mac's Auto Service Centre was established in Pickering Street, Alderley more than 40 years ago by Peter King. As an Exhaust Specialist, Peter quickly earned a reputation for exhaust and muffler systems in Brisbane. His customers valued his specialist knowledge, the quality of his work and his honesty. Demand for his work grew and so too did the list of auto services he offered. Today Clayton (Peter's son) leads a team of specialist car mechanics in Brisbane who share the same expertise and commitment to quality and excellence in everything they do. Whether it is car servicing or vehicle repairs you're looking for, including exhaust systems and brake repairs Brisbane, you can trust Mac's Auto Service Centre to take care of you.

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