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ABOUT STELLA MOBILE MECHANICS MELBOURNE We are Melbourne based mobile mechanics with workshop facilities in the Northern suburbs. We are family owned and operated, meaning we can provide a personal level of service a larger company will struggle to compete with. We like to know our customers and form a good working relationship with them. There is something very beneficial about the same mechanic working with a vehicle over it's life. It allows the mechanic to understand the driver and vehicle at a much higher level - resulting in better service and reliability. This is why we are so passionate about repeat business! We are not here to get you out of a one time issue and charge a fortune, we would like to continue to service and repair your vehicle over it's whole life. We are very competitively priced and keep an eye on industry pricing and trends. As time moves forward and emission standards change new maintenance issues arise. Sometimes new services are created to cater for this and we would like to remain as progressive as possible, especially to customers vehicles coming out of a 3 or 5 year warranty period. Often, this is when the dealer will have no interest in carrying out servicing or general maintenance and would only like to assist you with purchasing a new car.

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