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Ultra Tune Auto Service Centres is a 100% Australian owned company with over 270 Service Centres Nationally. Ultra Tune provides both Fleet and Private motorists with a full range of services, each designed to be performed in a structured series of operating procedures ensuring faster, more efficient and performance enhancing servicing. Ultra Tune Australia's Facebook Page is monitored between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday MAINTENANCE / REPAIR Maintaining your vehicle is an important part of ensuring you and your family stays safe on our roads and enjoy trouble free motoring. ULTRA TYRES Maintaining your vehicle’s tyres is an important part of ensuring you and your family remain safe on our unforgiving roads, in all climates and driving conditions. LOG BOOK SERVICES An Ultra Tune service will not void your manufacturer’s warranty. Once your service is complete, our qualified technicians will stamp your vehicles handbook as a record of regular maintenance to maintain statutory warranty. ROADSIDE ASSIST Ultra Tune provides roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year on most vehicles. Providing assistance for things such as mechanical breakdown where our aim is to get you going . BRAKES Brakes are a critical safety system of a vehicle. SUSPENSION AND SHOCK ABSORBERS Today's sophisticated vehicle stability control systems help you to safely drive on today's sometimes dangerous roads. AIR CONDITIONING Regularly servicing of your vehicle’s A/C by Ultra Tune’s specialist mechanics ensures your vehicle’s climate control system remains in top condition year round. THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST Ultra Tune offers a complete range of car servicing options, designed to suit most vehicle types. In every case you’ll know in advance exactly how much the service will cost. If additional work is required you’ll be notified and no extra work will be commenced without your approval. Ultra Tune Service Centres specialise in vehicle maintenance. Our highly trained technicians aren’t kept busy preparing new cars for sale or carrying out routine warranty work they just service cars. This means Ultra Tune can offer the flexibility of having your car serviced whenever you want. And with more than 275 Ultra Tune Service Centres around Australia, you can also choose where to have it serviced as well.

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