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Welcome to Urban Auto Care Car Servicing Coorparoo Since 2001 Urban Auto Care has grown to be a recognised and respected local Brisbane business offering a complete list of car servicing options. With a focus on personalised, honest customer service and the highest quality workmanship, we aim to provide our customers with a complete car service solution. The team at Urban Auto Care provide a streamlined service from the first point of contact to the time we return you your keys. We have developed our own systems to minimize the time you are without your vehicle, essentially lessening the impact on your daily life. At Urban Auto Care, we have built a strong reputation over the years for satisfying our customers throughout every stage of the vehicular experience. We really take pride in our customer service and value each and every customer that walks through the door. We also appreciate that a fair portion of people don’t really understand cars and that’s absolutely fine – we don’t expect you to!

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