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Why choose Vehicle Inspections Australia?

GIVING CUSTOMERS A FAIR OPTION How many people do you know feel nervous when work is required on their vehicle? Am I being ripped off? How can I be sure my vehicle really needs repairing? Why do I never understand what exactly it is I’m paying for? Until now, the norm has been for customers to visit their local mechanic for vehicle inspections and roadworthy certificates. 99% of all licensed inspectors in Victoria are also mechanics... the question is: do they have your best interest in mind? All too often customers complain of “extra” repairs required, which may not always be necessary. A NEW APPROACH TO SAFETY INSPECTIONS IN AUSTRALIA VIA is a completely independent unbiased service that removes the vested interest from vehicle inspections. We don’t do repairs, we are not aligned with any repairers nor do we sell car parts. Because of this you can be 100% sure that any faults that may be found on your vehicle will be honest and true...we have no reason to do otherwise! CONVENIENCE, SIMPLICITY AND TRANSPARENCY VIA is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm. No more time out from your busy work schedule for an inspection. Inspections can usually be done while you wait, so sit back and relax with a complimentary tea or coffee in our customer lounge. VIA staff members are trained and experienced vehicle experts. Our inspection processes are fully transparent, and any faults found will be thoroughly explained. FULLY LICENSED AND CERTIFIED All team members at VIA are fully licensed and certified. VIA is an official VicRoads licensed Vehicle Tester. You can view all certifications and licenses here.

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